Forestry Forwarders / JOHN DEERE 1010E

Totally new for tough thinning operations

The new John Deere 1010E Forwarder totally exceeds the performance of its predecessor. Completing the John Deere midsized forwarder family with 11-metric-ton load capacity, more power, the robust CF5 boom, new axles and tire sizes, as well as the standard E-Series improvements, the 1010E is your ideal choice for tough thinning operations.

Engine: John Deere 4 cylinders, 4500cc
Max. Power: 115.5 kW (1900 rpm) / 155 CV
Torque: 645 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Tractive force: 150 kN
Boom: CF5, 7.2/8.5/10 m
Load capacity: 11 tons
Cabin: rotating / rotating and levelling
Measuring and Control System: TimberMatic F-12 / CommandCenter™
Weight: 14700 kg (6W) 16500 kg (8W)