Forestry Forwarders / JOHN DEERE 1510G

Revolutionizing forwarders performance

The new 15 tons load capacity, the increased power and torque and the superior tractive force convert the 1510G on the most productive and versatile machine on the market. Equipped with the new and powerful CF7+ boom, a John Deere 6.8L engine that reduces the fuel consumption to a very low levels and the new E-cabin, this forwarder provides a great comfort, ergonomy and productivity never seen before.

Engine: John Deere 6 cylinders, 6800cc
Max. power: 145 kW (1900 rpm) / 195 HP
Torque: 800 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Tractive force: 185 kN
Boom: CF7+, 7.2/8.5/10 m
Load capacity: 15 tons
Cabin: rotating / rotating and levelling
Measuring and Control System: TimberMatic F-12 / CommandCenter™
Weight: 16500 kg (6R) / 18400 kg (8R)