Procesadoras de Ruedas / JOHN DEERE 1070G

The most productive thinning harvester

The John deere 1070G offers a highly ergonomic, agile and productive harvester especially for early and late thinnings. In addition to the all-new cabin, new TimberMatic automation, new frames and many other improvements as a more powerful boom, and new H412 and H414 harvester heads, this machine feature excellent power-to-weight ratio and compact size.

Engine: John Deere 6 cylinders, 6800cc
Max. power: 136 kW (1900 rpm) / 182 HP
Torque:  780 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Tractive force: 130 kN
Boom: 180S, 8.6/10/10.8 m
Cabin: rotating and levelling / fixed
Measuring and Control System: TimberMatic H-12
Weight: 14850 kg (4W) / 15500 kg (6W)
Harvester Head: H752HD, H754, H412, H414