Procesadoras de Ruedas / JOHN DEERE 1270G

The most wanted all around harvester

The 1270G is the harvester that any operator would dream to operate. This machine combines power, smoothness, agility and productivity and it's ideal for late thinnings and final clearcut operations. In addition to the new cabin, new frames and many other improvements, the new CH7 boom provides powerful and smooth movements, and the John Deere 9L engine offers high torque to low rpm levels, ensures excelent power and high performance on the fuel economy.

Engine: John Deere 6 cylinders, 9000 cc
Max. power: 170 kW (1900 rpm) / 228 HP
Torque:  1125 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Tractive force: 175 kN
Boom: CH7, 8.6/10/11.6 m
Cabin: rotating and levelling / fixed
Measuring and Control System: TimberMatic H-12
Weight: 19250 kg
Harvester Head: H752HD, H754, H412, H414